Passau Private Tours with Local Guides 2024

Price 9hrs: €1150,-

Take a shore excursion to Salzburg, a city with a rich history. You’ll explore the world heritage city of Salzburg and take a beautiful drive on off-the-beaten-path roads from Passau to Salzburg. The city of Salzburg, long ruled by Catholic prince archbishops, is also known as the filming location for the movie Sound of Music. In addition to the locations from Sound of Music, visit the city’s most iconic historical sites.

Price 8hrs: €1150,-

In 1873, King Ludwig II of Bavaria acquired Herreninsel (island at Lake Chiemsee) as the site for his New Palace of Herrenchiemsee. A replica of Versailles, this palace was to become a “temple of glory” for King Louis XIV of France, whom the Bavarian monarch adored without bounds.